Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A song for you.....

I recorded this on my iphone a while ago as a test, to see if the iphone camera helped cut out the lag I got recording from my webcam. It did that, but left me with this rather narrow looking effect which I'm underwhelmed by.

Anyhow, this is me playing and singing (if you can call it that) Dire Straits' "The Man's Too Strong" from the Brothers in Arms album. Real blogging will happen one day soon I promise.


  1. Tis good. So you sing too!

  2. you could try the phone in landscape...

  3. I couldn't publish an anon comment without previewing - clicking just post comment didn't do anything (Mac Safari)

  4. @anon 12:38 - If you can call it that! ;) thank you.

    @anon 14:00 Going to try that next time - not sure if that means I get a video at right angles to the window though....

    @anon 14:02 erk. no idea. That might just be a Blogger thing - I'll check the settings but I've not spotted anything that gives me control of that. Did it ask you to enter some characters to prove you we real? thanks!

  5. That was worth the wait, couldn't watch till I got home! Good quality picture and sound, wouldn't have realised it was on your iphone if you hadn't said.