Friday, 11 February 2011

Valentine's Day

I surely can not be the only person in the world to whom the arrival of the annual profiteering extravaganza for Hallmark celebratory day of love and romance bring on feelings of dread, loathing and exploitation. I'm a very happily married man. I tell my wife of my love for her on a daily basis. If it were down to me I'd physically prove it on a daily basis, or even twice daily at weekends, assuming a grandparent or two would remove the kids to an otherwise 'fun' location.

But Valentine's Day pisses me off. Not because I have to openly show affection, or publicly declare my feelings - I'm an enlightened modern human being, apart from when I've had more than six pints - but for the simple reason that this one, arbitrarily chosen, day seems to possess the power to cancel out the acts of the other 364 days of the year, should one not purchase the cutesy card, flowers, posh dinner, chocolates etc. Any number of posh dinners and chocolates provided earlier or later in the year do not, could not ever, cover the expectations and anticipations of this one day, this day when, amazingly, the price of roses goes up threefold and a table at a decent restaurant is harder to find than than Nick Clegg's integrity.

I would lead a campaign to boycott Valentine's day, but as it's bloody cold sleeping on the sofa at night I'll refrain from doing so and simply vent my frustrations through the medium of blogger. By way of balance I would urge you to read the excellent 7 reasons that love is important post over at  7 reasons

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  1. Excellent post, worth the long wait! Couldn't agree with you more, everything gets a Valentine tag and the price goes up accordingly. Love is too important to only matter on one day a year.